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Tips: How to Load an Excavator

Transporting heavy equipment via an excavator requires that you understand how to properly load, position, and secure the items being transported in effort to minimize the challenges that could slow productivity and cause accidents during the haul.  The following tips are designed to help make excavator loading much easier. Use this information any time you’re using heavy equipment hauling Los Angeles.

Start with the right transportation trailer since they’re not all made the same. It should have the space and capacity inside to accommodate the total weight of the items that you are transporting. You’ll take your pick from options like a flatbed trailer, an RGN, or a step deck. You need a larger attachment than the items that you are transporting.

Understand and follow the loading guidelines for the excavator. Refer to the owner’s manual to learn the guidelines. Make sure that you know how to operate the machine and pack on a firm, level ground to avoid accidents. Choose ramps that are efficient enough to handle your machine’s weight and remove trash, dirt, and other debris ahead of moving.

heavy equipment hauling Los Angeles

Use straps and chains to secure the equipment. But, do this only once it is positioned properly. If the excavator is not positioned correctly, it will likely not make it to the new location securely or safely. Make sure all of the attachments are lowered and that the engine and battery are both disconnected. Lock the doors and excavator cover and install tie-downs near the front and rear positions.

An excavator is a large piece of heavy equipment that requires special time and attention when it is being moved. Be sure to adhere to the special moving requirements when you have an excavator to transport and keep this project safe, simple, and secure from start to finish.